Light Box Finally Set up!

My sister got me a portable light box for Christmas and today I finally got it all set up! I’m super stoked!!!

The one I got you can find it here“&gt from Limo Studio
(I just checked and right now it’s discounted to a great buy!).

In case you’re looking for something to take great photos this is a steal online and definitely works for my needs!



Easy way to start (and keep up) A Smoothie Routine

imageFor the last month and a half I’ve been doing a morning smoothie routine…and I have to admit I’ve really enjoyed and and been surprised that I’ve maintained the routine! Here’s the overview of what I do:

1. I Prep on Sunday for the upcoming week. – this week Smoothie routine liberate creativityI used blueberries, raspberries and bananas. – in a sandwich size ziploc bag fill half of the bag with fresh fruit, release all the air air and seal the bag. This method will set the correct height/width to fit in the magic bullet easily. (I made 10 bags – I love to have a smoothie each morning and then another one for a late night snack).

2. Place a big scoop of dried kale in the bottom of the Magic Bullet (my homemade dried kale instructions in a later post).

3. Grab a Baggie of the frozen fruit bag and throw in the magic bullet. (Omit the Baggie :) )

4. Fill the Magic Bullet with cold water.

5. Tighten the lid and start the blending. I blend for about 2-3 minutes. This is super yummy, so easy and full of nutrients! Enjoy!



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Quick Project – K Cup Holder, Yes Please!

I got a Keurig 2.0 machine for Christmas from my mother-in-law….I’m. In. Love.

But I needed a place to hold the keurig k cups. A quick piece of scrap pallet, a few holes and a wire hanger and I’ve made a fun holder that hangs snuggly right next to my new love. See photos below:

Liberate Creativity K Cup Yes Please Holder 3

The completed project

Liberate Creativity K Cup Yes Please Holder 4

A 1 1/2 inch “hole maker jobber” (that’s the technical term, but I think some people call them spade bits).

Liberate Creativity K Cup Yes Please Holder 1

Spray painted with flat grey paint. Once dried I added a quick white wash.

Liberate Creativity K Cup Yes Please Holder 2

I free handed “Yes Please” on the top to add a bit of flare.

Crazy CVS deals today!

Who doesn’t love a great deal, right? I had to share this sweet deal I found today at our local CVS.CVS deals

Found the following items:

1. Salma Hayek Nuance Shampoo and Conditioner bottles. Original price $7.99, on clearance for $1.94 each! And it all counted towards the weekly deal if you purchase $15 worth of hair products you earned $5 ECB (extra care bucks)! So the total for 5 bottles at $1.94 was $9.70! (Savings of $30.25)

2. Salma Hayek Flax seed hair therapy serum on clearnce for $3.24 (original $12.99), so $6.48 for 2, and a savings of $25.98

3. 2 CVS brand spray body moisturizers On clearance for $2.99 each

My total:

+ $9.70

+ 6.48

+ 5.98

– $5.00 ECB

– $1.50 off any lotion (printed from cvs machine in the store when I scanned my card)

= $22.26 (original $75.91, so a savings of $53.65).

Rock. It. Out.

(Please note that not all CVS’s have the same clearance prices and that not all Selma Hayek products were 75% off, but definitely worth checking it out).

Bungee the Fridge

We inherited our fridge when we bought our house 8 years ago, and with the challenges of an 80 year old house the idea of getting a brand new amazing, phenomenal fridge has steadily declined to a “want” and certainly not a need. That being said, it’s old. I have plans to paint it to at least spice it up a bit, but it had other plans and the door shelves decided to snap off…yep, all three of them (as our 4 year is holding the broken shelves, hiding in the corner swearing he didn’t have anything to do with it). Well, instead of pouring money into a fridge I hope will one day soon die I drilled two holes on each side of the shelves, added the bungee cords….and voila!

Bungee cords can fix just about anything

Bungee cords can fix just about anything

Framed Fridge

I despise my fridge. It’s too short, it’s blah white and old. Not like fun vintage old, but just normal ‘white fridge syndrome’ old. Because I have an obsession with painting I had to do something to spice it up, but I’m not quite ready to dive into painting the whole thing, although I’ve considered chalkboard paint or covering the whole think with cork board as that could turn out sort of snazzy.

At any rate I decided to funkify it a bit and add some organization to the side of the fridge by painting old frames, adding magnets to the back and placing them on the side of the fridge most visible when walking into the kitchen. This quick-fix certainly doesn’t make the fridge appear to be an incredible, dream-like side by side refrigerator (see below…yes please!!!) but it helps give it a little pick-me-up.

refrigerator - Copy

Framed Fridge Main4

Framed Fridge


Spice up your table! Subway Art Dining Room Table!


I generally work on projects that I can “move” to the garage in case they don’t turn out as expected….but THIS time I thought BIG and knew I couldn’t mess up!

My dining room table was purchased about 10 years ago. It’s the ‘high table stool’ style, and I don’t necessarily love it anymore, but it works. I decided it’d be fun to repurpose it from a sore spot with tons of scratches to a discussion piece!

Tools I used:

  1. Paint: Black
  2. Stickers: vinyl
  3. Exacto knife
  4. polyurethene

Table before:


Step 2: Came up with various phrases for the table (my specifics below)

  1. 10.26.06 (My son’s birthday)
  2. Peanut Butter
  3. “Hold you me” (fav son’s line at age 2)
  4. Wrestling
  5. Ball State
  6. Snuggle time
  7. Engagement date
  8. wedding date
  9. Family rules (Trust, respect, no elbows on the table, etc.)

Step 3: Purchased vinyl stickers in a variety of sizes

Note: Regular stickers do NOT work as well! Vinyl stickers work and peel off perfectly….other regular letter stickers make you want to go postal!

Step 4: Apply the stickers

Step 5: Press the stickers down with fingers to ensure a secure stick

Step 6: Paint on top of stickers (2 coats)

Step 7: Once dry, peel stickers (this takes time! Invite some friends to help! Thanks Heather and Caroline for the assistance!)

268 copy 275 277 copy


Step 8: Once peeled, polyurethane the top! I applied 3 coats to ensure a decent job.



Such a fun conversation piece….plue, t

Say It Sweet: Valentine’s

If you are a grandparent or aunt/uncle to my kids and are reading this……….STOP READING….IT’S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

Now that we got that out-of-the-way (because let’s be honest none of them actually halted from reading, who would!), wanted to give you a sneak peek at the kids valentine’s this year. Charley needed one for school, so we created this one in Word, printed and then added a sucker….

Valentine’s #1: For friends at school:

1. Created Word Document (Feel free to snag it for your own valentines!)

2. Printed 4×6’s document at

 3. Cut 2 slits (for the sucker)

4. Added sucker, tossed in Charley’s schoolbag and called it done.

Charleys School Valentine 2013 copy
#2 Valentine’s: The boys together for grandparents, aunts & uncles

1. Took photos of each of the boys with “Hello, My Name Is” tags all over their bodies (The tagline “These hugs have your name all over them!”)

2. uploaded to Photoshop, added a couple splashes of color and the year

3. printed at (size: 4×6)

4. Once printed, individualized each one with the recipient’s name on each of the tags stuck to the boys.

When received them back from printing, used fine point sharpie to add the name on the tags taped to their shirts (see below):


unleash your creativity,


What to do with clearance earrings


I visit clearance sections of stores because I like a great bargain, but also because I like to see what I can pick up and alter its look. Image

Found these neutral twine wrapped earrings at Maurices for $1.00…..yeah baby!

Took black and white sharpies and brushed/painted the earrings…





Another quick idea for big fun earrings (especially if you can’t ever keep track of an entire set) use random earrings as napkin rings!